Honey O Marquesado Family jar
  • Honey O Marquesado Family jar


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It contains a large amount of enzymes, which are responsible for the antibiotic properties of this handmade honey, without mixtures, without additives.

The location of the apiaries of our mountain honey is in the Sierra Encina de la Lastra natural park, a unique and impressive landscape, where holm oaks, chestnut trees, brambles, heather, thyme, rosemary, lavender, oregano and a great variety of plants predominate medicinal products that our bees take advantage of (depending on the year) to harvest an exquisite dark amber honey with a very intense and authentic and persistent flavor.

100% Purity and high quality in our beekeeping since 1896! THE authentic MOUNTAIN HONEY FROM O MARQUESADO is fully trustworthy honey.

Magnify yourself and enjoy!


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100% Pure Mountain Honey

• Organoleptic characteristics:

   Honey produced by our bees from the great and rich variety of medicinal herbs and flowers of the natural park. The tone of the honey is dark amber,       the crystallization is slow, of small crystals, it has an intense, authentic and unique flavor.

• Preferential consumption:
  - 24 months.
  - Although the useful life is much higher.

• Terms of use:
  - Keep at room temperature, in a cool and dry place.
  - Due to its great purity, it can crystallize in the cold (heat slowly in a water bath, if liquid honey is preferred).