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CHEESE PATE (125 gr)

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Excellent combination of cheeses to achieve a new and different flavor. The newest cheese pate we have on the market. The flavors achieved with the mixture of cheeses, black olives and, of course, spices, are truly amazing. Intense, deep flavor, character of cured cheese. Slightly spicy. Intense, deep and an exceptional bouquette that only needs a glass of wine to accompany it to make this pate a gastronomic experience that you will remember.

Exceptionally different Cheese Pate. Its flavor is unique.

Delicate coordination of spices to give this combination of vegetables and sunflower oil a pate character of lard but without lard. No egg. Without milk. Enjoy it with a good toast of whole wheat bread and some strips of fried peppers. With grilled aubergines vegan pate from BULERI and bechamel, you will have a plate of ten.

Pate reminiscent of red but vegan butter. You can cook with it without spoiling the flavor of your stews. Perfect with rose wine and whole wheat toast.


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INGREDIENTS (CHEESE PATE): Pasteurized cow, sheep and goat milk, lactic ferments, vitamin A, salt, rennet, Penicilium roqueforti, thickener (locust bean flour), stabilizers (locust bean gum and carrageenanol), sorbic acid, calcium chloride , calcium, spice mix.

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