pate chicken and cheese
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The Chicken Pate and Goat Cheese is a number one among our customers. The particularly natural flavor of this pate makes it the preferred one among our customers.

Excellent combination of chicken and goat cheese that, by the way, does not taste like chicken or goat cheese. Its flavor is unique.

Delicate coordination of spices to give this combination of vegetables and sunflower oil a pate character of lard but without lard. No egg. Enjoy it with a good toast of whole wheat bread and some strips of fried peppers. With grilled aubergines pate de BULERI and bechamel, you will have a plate of ten.

Pate reminiscent of red but vegan butter. You can cook with it without spoiling the flavor of your stews. Perfect with rose wine and whole wheat toast.


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Pasarela de pago con tarjeta

INGREDIENTS (CHICKEN PATE AND GOAT CHEESE): chicken liver, turkey meat, water, starch, soy protein, salt, dextrose, sugar, stabilizers (E451i, E-407), flavorings, antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), flavor enhancer (E621), preservative (sodium nitrite), pasteurized cream, lactic ferments, vitamins A, D and E, vegetable oils and fats, reconstituted skim milk, emulsifier, citric esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids,, preservative (potassium sulfate), natural coloring: carotenes, citric acid, mixed spices, onion, white wine, pasteurized goat's milk, mustard, lactic acid

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