For your purchase at our online shop, you can check the total amount of your order in the last confirming step of your buying process.

You can choose between the following payment methods:

• Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD)

• Deposit/Bank Transfer

• PayPal

1. Payment with Credit Cards (VISA or MASTERCARD)

Payment with credit cards is secure as our payment gate uses SSL in order to protect your data. We provide the best guarantees of security, confidentiality, and integrity of Credit Card Payments, working with BANCO SANTANDER, S.A., Spain (registered entity at BANCO DE ESPAÑA, legal address Santander, Paseo de Pereda, 9-12, and tax ID A3900013).

As we are using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol, this technology guarantees that your data cannot be intercepted by third parties. Confidentiality is ensured during the communication process of transaction.

For the payment with Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD) the following data are requested:

• Nº of the Credit Card

• Name of cardholder

• Expiry date

• CVV (Card Verification Value)

The Credit Card owner is responsible for any transaction with his or her Credit Card.

Credit card fraud is a crime and our company will initiate legal proceedings against anyone who realizes fraudulent transactions in our shop.

2. Deposit, Bank Transfer

If you choose the payment method Deposit, Bank Transfer, you are receiving an e-Mail with our banking data of the account at BANCO SANTANDER S.A. for your purchase at, for paying the total amount of your order, indicating the order number to ensure a clear identification. We advise you to send a confirmation e-Mail of your payment to

3. PayPal

If you have a PayPal account, you can pay without extra charges after registering. For more information concerning PayPal read our Privacy Policy (P.14, PayPal) and the website